How important is to protect your brand?

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With the worst economic crisis in a long time, many companies are facing the greatest financial concerns in recent memory. In these bad times, the need to protect the company’s valuable assets –its Brand – to fraudulent activities is a top priority. The brand owners can not afford to have their brand ruin its reputation due to counterfeiting, piracy or fraud.

Although the threat of counterfeit good has been around for some time the latest trend tell us that the increase of fraud is due to present economic conditions. It is estimated that in Canada alone that counterfeit and pirate goods account for over 30 billions dollars annually.

Furthermore, the answer to the question is that it is crucial to implement mechanisms to prohibit any wrong doing to your brand. It is important for management to understand that it is easier to take a proactive approach instead of a reacting to an existing problem. At the same time, every business is targeted for losses and potential losses due to counterfeit activities that will affect the net profit of the respective business.

Elco Industries will certainly assist companies to implement a Brand Protection and Product Authentication printing program. After the initial assessment, Elco will determine the degree of security required in the packaging of the products. In addition, Elco would ensure that the BPPA printing program can be efficiently, effectively and economically be assimilated within the current structure of the organization.


How to Choose A Flexographic Printer?

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Article first published as How to Choose A Flexographic Printer on Technorati.
It is a very important to choose the proper manufacturer that would supply the proper printed goods because as  consumers drive the need to introduce and differentiate products. Therefore the brand owners and brand managers must have the knowledge to elect the proper print manufacturer that would turn marketing ideas into actual printed products with keeping costs under control.

For this reason alone, the selection of the proper flexographic printer is a very important to stakeholders within an organizations. There are several factors that will determine the correct company for the printed goods.

First of all, a consideration that must be determine is how many printed goods are required? This is a critical question that must be answered before selecting a printer. Why is this important? It is significant because the printing industry is divided into two sectors one being the wide web and the other the narrow web. Thus the wide web servicing the larger volume run of printed material while the narrow web printing the short-to-medium volume. When it is mentioned larger volume the printing industry refers to printed material over 1 million.

Another important aspect to consider how many labels or packaging can be printed across the web. The reference to the word web alludes to the width of the paper or film running through the press. For instance, a narrow web is considered anything less 16″ wide, in the case of having a 4 by 4 label it has the potential to be printed 3 across instead of 1 or 2. Moreover reducing the cost per unit of the label because it has less time on the machine.

Consequently, an area that must be discussed is the additional tooling cost that accompany picking a new vendor. One of the added cost that comes with printed goods are the photo-polymer plates. Traditionally the cost of the plates in the wider web printers are higher in cost than the narrow web converters. For this purpose key decision makers must evaluate how much printed material is required for the particular project. If the volumes do not warrant the cost of manufacturing with a wide web than it would be better than to utilize a printer with less than 16 inches.

In conclusion these are just two observations that buyers, purchasing agents, brand owners and brand managers can think before proceeding in selecting a printing company.
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The first article

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As a new blogger Elco would be interested in getting some feedback for our first article that would appear on our blog.  As a printing manufacturer, Elco has different areas of expertise that would benefit buyers, purchasing agents, brand managers and brand owners.

Elco is a printing company that has the capabilities to manufacture the following products and services:


  • Anti-Counterfeiting Printing Solution
  • ProviderAnti-Counterfeting solution Provider
  • Brand Identity Printing Solutions


  • Film Labels ( Four colour process)
  • Flexible Packaging ( includes pouch packaging )
  • Sustainable Packaging
  • Pressure Sensitive Labels

Our goal is to answer critical questions on How To??….in specific areas that stakeholders can use for decision making.

Welcome to Elco’s printing Blog

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The intention of this blog  is to bring to the forefront a variety printing topics for people that need critical information to make a wise decision on printing matters.

The intent of the written articles is to provide sound and up to date advise to the following people :

  • purchasing agents
  • buyers
  • procurement managers
  • brand managers
  • brand owners
  • supply chain managers

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